Epoxy and Oil-Based Polish

Polished Concrete Miami Pro is unique and visually appealing to decorate any commercial, industrial or residential space. A polished concrete floor is a flat, smooth, and consistent surface that will stand the test of time. Polished concrete is the result of multiple steps being taken in the refining process, which includes:polished concrete

First, the floor is excavated to expose the base material. Then the floor is troweled over the base material to create a buff surface and level. Then it is polished with fine abrasives to create a finished look almost identical to natural stone. This allows industries such as restaurants, retail stores, warehouses, industrial complexes, and even garages to have beautiful, uniform polished concrete floors that are durable, attractive, and long-lasting.

One of the unique qualities of polished concrete floors is their durability and what many call their stamped look. The grinding of imperfections creates this look during the tumbling process. When marks are present, they are usually polished out during the grinding process to create a nice reflective shine. In addition to the stamped or patterned finish, several other options are available, including bare spots, texture stains, stencils, and stencil blots.

There are many advantages to using polished concrete polishing techniques. The most notable is that because this flooring is virtually impenetrable for a given level of traffic, it is an excellent solution for industrial facilities. For example, with the use of a light sandblasting machine, concrete polishing can be performed on very smooth surfaces without creating much in the way of dust or streaks. This can be especially important in industrial settings because not only does the floor have to stand up to heavy machinery, but it must also withstand chemicals as well. The ability to remain clean and shiny during all of these uses makes polished concrete a logical choice for commercial facilities.

Another advantage of polished concrete is that it will not change color when exposed to UV rays from the sun. Light reflectivity in many types of polished concrete comes in the form of a very light sheen. Typically, the light sheen comes from imperfections in the floor’s formation, such as pinpricks or missing patterns. However, you may also experience a lighter shade of shine from the surface of the stone itself. If this happens, it will be a purely cosmetic effect and not one that will impact the operation of the facility.

Because polished concrete has the benefit of an unlimited lifetime guarantee against chipping and cracking, it is also a popular option for homeowners. Because of the long life of this flooring type, homeowners do not need to worry about the appearance of this floor until it is much older and cannot be repaired. In fact, epoxy coating the floors of your home can help you maintain the look of polished concrete floor for up to 40 years, more than any other surface can offer.

Most people choose polished concrete polishing for its epoxy coating, because this is the easiest type of coating to apply. Using a cement-based liquid acrylic compound, the professional can achieve beautiful sheens in just minutes. However, the process does take time and requires that a standard set of tools is used. However, once the flooring has been primed and the base concrete has been poured, a single application of acrylic may last up to three years, which is significantly longer than most other types of polishing.

When choosing polished concrete for your project, make sure you are dealing with a company that has been in business for over 30 years. A good concrete company should provide you with a wide range of styles to choose from so that no two installations are exactly alike. It’s also a good idea to find a company that works closely with architects and designers so you can achieve the high gloss finish that you desire without having to compromise the structural soundness of your flooring systems. For the best results, find a reputable company that offers services such as pneumatic pressure cleaning, sealants, and finish options. Of course, these additional services will increase the total cost of your installation, but in the long run, they’ll be well worth it. Once installed, your polished concrete will provide you with years of maintenance-free flooring, and a beautiful glossy finish that will make your home shine.